Artist and songwriter Chic was born in Ft. Lauderdale Florida to a Jamaican mother and English father and was raised in the city of East Miramar by her mother, along with her seven siblings. She began singing around the age of six, and as a child was also considered to be a gifted short story & poetry writer. She grew up listening to an eclectic range of music from artists such as Elton John, Beres Hammond and The Isley Brothers. However, her older siblings love for golden era hip-hop would soon become her own. A young Chic spent most of her “play time” memorizing and mimicking hip-hop lyrics and enjoyed being able to perform them for her friends and family members during their annual summer vacations in Jamaica; she did this with the same level of energy and effortlessness as those artists she admired. Soon her gift of literature and passion for music would take center stage in her life which made becoming an artist, inevitable. Chìc began writing lyrics around the age of eleven but kept her ability a secret for years. At sixteen years old she entered a battle called “The Rap Game” that was held nightly on the famous South Florida radio station, 99 Jamz, and competed under the moniker, Dutchez. On night one, the vote to crown her the battle winner was unanimous. Listeners eagerly tuned in every night for two consecutive months as she battled undefeated until finally deciding to retire from the competition. This validation solidified her skills as a lyricist and ignited the fire to pursue her passion for music openly and share her undeniable talent with the world. After years of studying the greats and nurturing her own unique artistry and style, Chic merges her love for both the music and fashion world in a way that needs no introduction. Her Style can easily be described as “Pretty Gritty”, as she embodies a polished yet raw individuality. With her witty lyricism, and strong delivery, Chic possesses an unmistakable authenticity that easily sets her apart as an artist. After performing on various stages across North America, the Caribbean, and throughout Europe, she is set to take on the masses and to make her mark with her music. Chìc cites Kanye West, Patra, Freddie Mercury, Solange, and Vybz Kartel to be among her many influences and inspirations. The South Florida native, who now resides in Atlanta, is preparing for the release of her much-anticipated project, “MAROON” in 2017.


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